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purchase third-person singular simple present purchases, present participle purchasing, simple past and past participle purchased. To buy, obtain by payment of a price in money or its equivalent. to purchase land, to purchase a house. To pursue and obtain; to acquire by seeking; to gain, obtain, or acquire.
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Minderung f der Kaufkraft stability of purchasing power. Geldwertstabilität f store of purchasing power. Wertaufbewahrungsmittel n The profit lies in purchasing. Im Einkauf liegt der Gewinn. proverb compilation of purchasing price data. Führung f der Kaufpreissammlung effects on the purchasing power.
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Government agencies or institutions are very important, critical, they purchase in bulk for public utilities. Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Kenneth Lyons and Michael Gillingham ISBN 0-273-65764-X. Purchasing Handbook: Standard Reference Book on Purchasing Policies, Practices, Procedures By George W.
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an act or instance of purchasing: as. a: the acquiring of real property by any means other than descent or inheritance. b: the acquiring of an interest in property especially in exchange for valuable consideration - see also word of purchase.
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These departments can be purchasing, receiving and accounts payable; or engineering, purchasing and accounts payable; or a plant manager, purchasing and accounts payable. Combinations can vary significantly, but a purchasing department and accounts payable are usually two of the three departments involved.

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