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Sheets is more than just columns and rows. Track your fitness plan, do fancy financial calculations with your team, or manage your fantasy league stats. Get it done togetherCreate and share spreadsheets. Then publish them publicly, share them with others, or keep them private.Powerful processing - if you're' into itComplex formulas, pivot tables, conditional formatting, and much more.Access anywhere, anytimeAll your spreadsheets are automatically saved and stored in Google Drive.
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中文 - 简体. Sheets for Developers. Create a Google Cloud project. Enable Google Workspace APIs. Set up authentication. Configure OAuth consent. Create access credentials. Admin Settings API. Alert Center API. Chrome Browser Cloud Management API. Chrome Browser Enrollment Token API.
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24/7 online support and community forums. Collaborate from anywhere, on any device. Access, create, and edit your spreadsheets wherever you are - from any mobile device, tablet, or computer - even when offline. Get a head start with templates. Choose from a variety of dashboards, project trackers, and other professionally-designed templates to kick things off quickly. Visit the Sheets Template Gallery for more.
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For example keeping a cell colour white no matter what mode you use. Sometimes the exact colour used is really important, so having it change because of someone else's' user settings is unfortunate. Also, I wish you could download images from a sheet with the app.
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Remove all range protections in the spreadsheet that the user has permission to edit.var sheet SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet var; protections sheet.getProtections SpreadsheetApp.ProtectionType.RANGE for; var i 0; i protections.length; i var protection protections i; if protection.canEdit protection.remove; Remove sheet protection from the active sheet, if the user has permission to edit it.var sheet SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet var; protection sheet.getProtections SpreadsheetApp.ProtectionType.SHEET 0 if; protection protection.canEdit protection.remove; Parameters.

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